The Legally Blonde Box

The Legally Blonde Box

by Legally Blonde

$ 55.00

For the ultimate Legally Blonde fan who can quote every line from the movie with their eyes closed (and law book open), CZND and MGM’s Legally Blonde Box will get you high off happy, pink endorphins! The exclusive set has everything you need to help you achieve your dreams - even as you go from school to work and everything in between. What? Like It’s Hard?

Included are desk essentials to enhance all the pink necessary for your work space. You’ll also find one-of-a-kind Legally Blonde collector’s items such as a Bruiser pin*, a pink ceramic diner-style mug, the best-selling “Bend & Snap” cap and more.
Limited boxes are available.

What’s Inside?

  • 1 Pink Ceramic Diner-Style Mug (10 oz.).
    • Your choice: Bend & Snap or What? Like It’s Hard?
  • 1 Pink Spiral Notebook (7” x 9”) with Gold Lettering.
    • Your choice: Bend & Snap or What? Like It’s Hard?
  • 1 Light Pink Cap feat. “Bend & Snap” white stitch embroidery
  • 1 Pencil Set of 5 exclusive Legally Blonde engraved quotes
  • 1 Exclusive Legally Blonde Pin
    • Your choice: Bruiser, Bend & Snap, or I OBJECT! pin
  • Comes in a Legally Blonde gift box
  • An $81 retail value
  • Made exclusively in collaboration with MGM’s Legally Blonde Movies.