Boyfriend Pulse Point

Boyfriend Pulse Point

by Kate Walsh

$ 22.00

A thrill in your pocket. A stash in your purse. The Boyfriend Pulse Point is the quintessential travel partner. Sophisticated layers create a kaleidoscope of scents that mesh together when you need an extra pick me up. The slender bottle allows you to touch up and swipe when needed. Whether it's left or right.


Top Notes: Dark Plum, Myrrh
Middle Notes: Night Blooming Jasmine, Benzoin Tears 
Base Notes: Musk (synthetic) , Vanilla Woods, Golden Amber

    Product Details:

    • Boyfriend Pulse Point is available in .3 oz/9 mL glass cylinder with stainless steel rollerball.
    • Contains almond oil.
    • Made in USA.

    IMPORTANT Shipping Details:

    • This product is available to ship internationally.


    Limit 4 per customer. Not valid with any promotional codes.

    Not available for resale.