Of all the Bethenny Frankel quotes, “Get Off My Jock” is perfection.


Your boyfriend is complaining.

Your boss wants you to stay late.

Your credit card payment is overdue.

Your answer: Get off my jock.

Sure, there are plenty of memorable Bethenny Frankel quotes, but perhaps the one that RHONY fans always remember is “Get off my jock”.

It’s the perfect Bethenny quote, summing up exactly what we all need - a little space to go on and keep being amazing without having to worry about the haters. Lucky for you, CZND has collaborated with Bethenny Frankel to bring you the official Get Off My Jock shop. Choose from several unique products, including the unisex tee, women’s slouchy tee, notebook, and more - all of which feature your favorite Bethenny quote.

So whether your landlord just reminded you when your rent is due, or your grandparents just asked when you’re “tying the knot”, wear the best of the Bethenny Frankel quotes right on your shirt, and tell them to get off your jock.

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