I invited friends over to watch the Reunion Part Two episode on Bravo. We needed to get ready for the finale on Wednesday! Our girl Bethenny brought a lot of heat this season. Like we would expect anything less! She tells it like it is, and we love her for that.

RHONY is the show to watch with your friends, dissect all of the drama, and eat your favorite snacks. Hopefully Bethenny would be proud of the viewing party we had in her honor.

Get your snacks in formation.

We couldn't celebrate our girl without Skinnygirl snacks.

OMG! Don’t tell Bethenny what she can and can not say. Products in this photo: 'I Know It All' Unisex Tee, 'Get Off My Jock' Men's Muscle Tee, 'Zero Fucks' Sweatshirt, & 'Get Off My Jock' Mug.

When Bethenny calls Luann, 'Lie-ann'.

Looking forward to seeing what the housewives will finish the season with for Reunion Part Three episode. Maybe we will find out the truth about Luann's soon to be husband (gasp). 

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