Lighten Up!

Candles have the ability to change the atmosphere of any space. Whether you like a certain mood in different rooms of your home, or your work allows you to light one up, Evil Queen has the right selection! 

How do you prefer the room to smell? Do you like scents that encourage you to wake up, like the Caffein Dreams candle?

How about a candle that helps you get ready for your night out, like the Girls Night candle?

Or one that allows you to find your zin, like the Magic Meditation candle?

Each day could provide a different mood, which is why Evil Queen has so many great options!

We also have candles for the mom(s) in your life! Get the Super Mom & Mom-bie candles by May 8th to receive them by Mother's Day.

*All candles are 100% soy wax, and hand poured in L.A, vegan + eco friendly!