Get Off My Jack-o'-lantern

Carving pumpkins is the traditional way to go about Halloween. But as you might have noticed from our products, we are not exactly the traditional shop. We also didn't want to get our hands dirty, so we decided to get them slightly painted on instead.

Get your crew together, a couple of pumpkins, and have a party! 

Start by priming the pumpkins.

Pick a few colors of spray paint.

Take a few snaps.

Almost done!

Don't forget about the little guys!

While waiting for the pumpkins to dry - pour the wine, eat some snacks and get your decorations planned out.

Pumpkin everything! 

Definitely is wine.

Time to decorate!

More cupcakes please!

Be proud of your finished pun-kins!


What a badass pumpkin.

Ghouls gotta have goals too.

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