Coffee is LIFE


I consider coffee a life source. Without it, I can hardly function as a human. I definitely have a difficult time talking to other humans before the first sip. On this national coffee day, I'm looking back on where my love for coffee began. #tbt

I can remember my grandmother making coffee milk for me as a child. To be honest, it was mostly milk and sugar, with a hint of coffee. Then as a teen, my mom and I would drink coffee (this time much stronger), and chat about life. Because of these precious moments, coffee has served as a comfort drink throughout the years. However, as an adult, it has become more of a necessity. 


And just as much as I love coffee, I love finding the right mugs to drink from. Luckily for all of us coffee lovers, CZND has the best mugs for just about any mood.

How can you know it all without coffee?

I probably would quit if I didn't have coffee.

And the coffee life is not complete without the mug life

Well, that's that. Coffee is the best. And so are CZND's statement mugs