10 Things I Hate About Adulting

There are some (most) days that are really difficult to adult. And I don't trust people who think otherwise. From the people I have talked to recently, and from the people over at What The Flicka, they all seem to agree that it takes a lot of energy (and/or substances) to get through the struggle.

Here is a short list of why adulating is the worst:

1. Paying bills.

I'll just wipe away my tears with the money I don't have. 

2. Getting out of bed.



3. People expecting you to be somewhere at a certain time.


What Amy said. 

4. Screaming children. Whether they are yours or your friends'.

Get out of my head!!

5. Making sure your kids eat right everyday.

Whatever, you'll get what you get.

6. Or if you have fur babies - making sure they don't destroy your house while you're away.

Who run the world? Pets!

7. People asking questions through every platform there is before you even start your day. 

There is nowhere to hide!

8. Having to eat healthy because your metabolism is not working quite as quickly as it used to.


9. Your parents still try to tell you how to live your life. 


Leave me alone!

10. Just ALL of the responsibilities!! 


 I'll just drown my sorrows in this bowl of cereal. 

Okay, so maybe these are the basics of getting through life, but can't we just do what we want? 

Good thing we have these mugs to help us get through the day-to-day. 

Not not saying they will help us with our situations, but we can at least let our mugs do the talking. And to be honest, I do tend to adult a little better after a cup of coffee, or a couple glasses of wine.  

Also, not saying there is wine in this mug, but there probably is.